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We are the most popular bet service in Asia.

Live Casino

LEBO GAMING team seriously focus to build the live reality video entertainment platform, has the world's most popular diversified online entertainment games, such as Baccarat, Dragon and Tiger, Roulette, Sic Bo, and a variety of hot products. With the cutting-edge technology support, LEBO GAMING provides the game platform with continuous stability, and a clear, high-precision live screen for the players to enjoy the most real and fair live betting. High-quality live video playback, combined with real beautiful, skills and professional dealer, the live visual sense of the game give players the real excitement of the casino. In addition, LEBO GAMING offers the best solutions and professional customer service in the industry, leveraging our expertise and experience advantage, the game cooperation effect is absolutely beyond your imagination! LEBO GAMING Reality Live Video system features:

        ● More play, more fun;
        ● More user experience, easy operating;
        ● Intelligent reminder of the function, grasp the opportunity;
        ● A variety of mixed bets, reward more substantial amount;
        ● Full range HD live, unlimited enjoyment.

Lottery game

Lottery game as one of the popular products in Asia's gaming , it has an irresistible attraction for many players around the globe, and the popularity of the game is amazing. Based on the user experience, a series of rich and unique lottery products are introduced. LEBO GAMING Lottery Game system features the follows:
        ● the best odds setting;
        ● The newest play;
        ● The most complete risk control system;
        ● A variety of play with a key switch;
        ● Independent and Innovation 24/7 betting;
        ● Support the operator for independent and single type of lottery game operation;

Video game

LEBO GAMING video game products have slot machine, video poker, playing card and desktop games, and more than 1000 characteristics of the type of game. The operator can based on their regional and game preferences of the players to choose the most suitable products. At the same time, they can make use of LEBO GAMING game free integration of technical advantages, operator can quickly upgrades and replacement games, this is to ensure their customer always enjoy the latest games in the market!


Offer variety of sports platforms, more than 100 football League, more than 5,000 matches and 18,000 on-site betting types. In addition to soccer, there are 1,800 other live events and 3,000 field betting types in each month, in the regular/seasonal competitions, the five major leagues in Europe, the World Cup, the Champions League, the NBA and the four major tournaments, the Olympics, the World Championships, and even more types of on-site betting.
        ● Have the best market odds ;
        ● Integrate using CMM system, easy to operate;
        ● Instant betting confirmation, real-time and accurate event information;
        ● The application of Intelligent statistic technology, efficient betting settlement ;
        ● A variety of mixed bets, reward more substantial amount;
        ● Full HD live telecast sports events;
        ● Concise clear League Overview