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Product Feature

We are the most popular bet service in Asia.

Share wallet integration
instant transfer instant available

Number of gaming platforms can share one account, convenient to transfer the fund within the platform and it can be transferred in second.

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Diversified platform design
Assessable to multiple regions and markets

LEBO GAMING’s platform support: multi API, multi currency, multilingual, multi-regions, multiple themes, multi template, to facilitate international market and solutions.

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WEB2.0 upgraded to HTML5
from desktop to mobile

LEBO GAMING provide you with the world's leading HTML5 platform, support of mobile phones, tablets, PCs, We Chat, APP and other mobile terminals and user friendly software applications for easy browsing and more interactive and presentable.

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Channel integration
worry-free capital circulation

LEBO GAMING collaborate with client's banker, third-party online payment service provider and other payment channels, support local and international smart transfer channel. We have the best, the most secure intelligent payment system to ensure full-channel payment capacity for all games !

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Comprehensive risk control management
highest account security level in the industry

the transaction risk behaviors occurring in the funds transfer and withdrawal and giving the customer account the most timely and effective security protection.

Intelligent operation system effectively identifies Risk control management functions as follows:

System assessment management/abnormal capital Reminder/cash withdrawal audit/abnormal player reminder/transaction customized approval

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Detailed Report
let your customers keep up with the operation result

We provide a detailed overview of the operating data report, including daily, weekly, monthly, comprehensive coverage of each role-related core business data. Provide horizontal or vertical operating report data, significantly enhance the efficiency of the operation of the financial statements made by the operators.

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Intelligent Marketing Activity Release System

Our System provide intelligent preferential activities release system, activities supported are including registration, first deposit, bonus, profit and loss, relief fund, and other marketing forms. It free you from the tedious manual operating system. The system equipped with the capability to detect and recognize players claim, and intelligent exclusion of abnormal players.

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Business Analysis
360 degrees comprehensive and all angels business analysis

Comprehensive analysis of core operating data, real-time control of players game preferences and latest trends, it provide strong guidance and help the operator to make business decision!

Core reports include: Player analysis, deposit analysis, transaction analysis, game analysis and activity analysis.

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Independent Server And Database

The use of international advanced technology to integrate the all game products packages into a complete cross-platform capability. To achieve two platforms both unified and yet mutually independent---the simultaneous operation of the system data is not interfere by two platforms.

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Invisible maintenance and Upgrading System
Provides 24/7, 365 days of uninterrupted services

Our System adopts the leading financial system structure and the hot plug technology. Using a variety of deployment methods, the frontend, backend, server, database were deployed separately to improve system security and operability

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First-class Data Protection System
realization of three-dimensional security management

We customized each stationmaster security protection system, from the network operation security, information security and security management and all other aspects of consideration. Our system comprehensively resist any type of DDoS attack, and also support customized settings to allow or prohibit access to the site's area/IP which effective protection of copyright and privacy of the site.

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Scientific Settlement
Maximize your benefits

The platform comes with a well-established settlement system which based on accurate data and scientific formulas. Every 3rd of the month, stationmaster can view or download the detail billing statements of previous month of all level of operators, and the stationmaster can be freely to disable or maintain the site according to the settlement status.

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