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We are the most popular bet service in Asia.

Package Network Business

LEBO GAMING only provide the most market oriented product cooperation program, base on different operation modes, customers can choose the best package to suited their own market. The diversification cooperation framework supports the provision of high-end customized services for specific customer and the package network business solutions is also designed for a specific market.

Discussion flowchart:

  • Choose cooperation mode
  • Submission cooperation information
  • Set website configuration
  • Payment related costs
  • Professional technical support
  • testing cycle
  • Official on-line
  • Follow-up site maintenance and support

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Game API Interface Solution

LEBO GAMING has a flexible and powerful API integration, easy to achieve the perfect integration of game products with the existing platforms, improve your system security level and data privacy, you can get all the details players transaction reports and game history information, real-time monitoring of the unusual games activities, continuous maintenance and support, site content is regularly and instantly updated.

The powerful API system backend management, provide the industry newest idea operation function design, integrate the player management, the fund management, the platform management, the image display and others function, grasps the precise data dynamics at any time.

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