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Technical Support

We are the most popular bet service in Asia.

Higher coverage, instant enjoyment of cloud acceleration

LEBO GAMING has the world's leading cloud computing services platform, deploying hundreds of high-speed buffer nodes and thousands of service providers in various regions of the globe, with virtually no dead end coverage. The nearest allocation of intelligent nodes, will meet the different geographical users of the speed of access needs, easy laying worldwide websites.

Speed of operation, instant resources access

LEBO GAMING take the effort to build multiple and speedy networks to accelerate the business solution, including the whole network intelligent access search, automatic static and dynamic separation , high-quality full networks coverage, etc. It can fully cope with the surge in access to the high-flow rate of the blowout, and the perfect realization of the maximum speed of static resources 300%.

Monitoring more real-time, operation efficiency upgrading 10 times

Based on the system, business and real users of the three-dimensional monitoring mode, LEBO GAMING will provide you with a complete refine operation of the security system which are including full station health statistics, upload and download speed statistics, real-time monitoring of business nodes and other functions, allowing you to easily control the overall business situation

Ultra strong protection, safety and impeccable

LEBO GAMING has many years of industry service experience and strong network bandwidth reserve resources, can withstand all types of DDoS/CC attacks, at the sometime LEBO GAMING independently developed high performance WAF protection engines, to prevent various types of SQL injection, cross-site, like to Trojan horses, hacking, tampering and other attacks protection, and effectively prevent 0day attacks.

In addition, LEBO GAMING configured SSL acceleration device to achieve high acceleration SSL performance, server load balancing and application acceleration function, effectively improve the performance of network security processing.

Geeks team, professional Technical Support

24/7 system and the full-time monitoring site operation status, 365 days professional engineers provide online Q & A and technical support, LEBO GAMING team will be the first be there for you to solve the problem. At the same time technical security personnel periodically maintenance and testing software, hardware, network communications, the general upgrading of platforms, will ensure that your platform is a full range of stability and secured.